Camping in Mountains

VBS 2020

Choose your own adventure!

How it works

The VBS site is laid out in five different days with a selection of videos for each day.  These videos include a worship service and introductions to an activity, craft, and snack.  You and your child can choose whichever activities fit best in your schedule.  Got 30 minutes to spare?  Watch a fun worship with songs and skits!  Need several hours of programming?  Send them outside to do scavenger hunts or to the kitchen table for an art project!  Whether you've got five free days in one week or want to spread this out over a month, we've got you covered! Everything can be modified. Most importantly, have fun! 

What you need

Most activities can be done with whatever you have on hand, and snacks and crafts were put together with simple instructions and ingredients. Feel free to modify any activities based on what you have available.

Day 1 Snack: graham crackers and peanut butter (or regular crackers and spreadable cheese)

Day 2 Snack: s'mores

Day 3 Snack: the vegetables your kids will eat, cut into bite-size pieces

Day 3: Craft: embroidery floss

Day 4 Snack: hummus and carrots (or something spreadable and something to draw with, like spreadable cheese and a cracker or peanut butter and celery)

Day 4 Craft: box and things to decorate with

Day 4 Activity: Click the link to print out an outdoor or indoor scavenger hunt

Day 5 Snack: tortillas and vegetables and a spread like hummus or cream cheese 

Many Thanks!

The worship services were put together by the counselors at Luther Park Bible Camp in Chetek, WI.  We are so grateful that even though all their in-person programming was cancelled they still were able to lead worship.  This VBS is completely free, but feel free to donate to Luther Park at so they can continue to help kids grow in faith!

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